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PET INSURANCE by  Karen"Doc"Halligan, DVM   One way to prevent having to choose between your pet and your pocketbook during a medical emergency to buy health insurance for your cat or dog. Far too often, pet owners must decide whether to pay for an extremely expensive medical procedure or

Importance of vaccines

Vaccinationsby Karen "Doc" Halligan, DVM I can’t overestimate the importance of vaccines. Too many kittens and puppies succumb to infectious diseases that are entirely preventable by routine vaccinations.A vaccine stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies, which are protein molecules that neutralize disease. Your puppy or kitten receives antibodies from

Responsible Pet ownership

Responsible Pet ownership February is “Responsible Pet Ownership” month and that got us thinking, are we responsible pet owners? Yes, we love our furry friends and like most people, we would do anything for them. But does that make us responsible? Check out our list of what

Win a Seat

Lucy Pet Products Announces Contest To Win A Seat On Its Double Guinness World Record Breaking 125-Foot Gnarly Crankin’ K9 Wave Maker 2017 Tournament Of Roses® Parade Float THOUSAND OAKS, CA (Nov. 16, 2016) - Lucy Pet Products has just announced an exciting new contest where the winner will

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