Animal Statistics

In the U.S. alone, over four million dogs and cats are put down each year in the shelters.  That’s over 80,000 a week.  The goal of the Lucy Pet Foundation is to have spay/neuter and adoption mobile clinics in every major city in the country.  If you do the analysis in just one major city, the numbers are staggering. With one mobile clinic, we can spay and neuter over 120 dogs and cats each week.  Performing these many surgeries for 48 weeks per year means 6,000 animals will be spayed and neutered each year.  This will prevent those animals from potentially adding a minimum of 120,000 new  potentially homeless animals to pet overpopulation each year.  By year three it is estimated that we can prevent over 2 million six hundred sixty-four thousand animals from suffering in that same community with just one mobile clinic!!!