It’s not just people who find fame in tv, movies, and the internet – dogs do too! There are
dogs that have stolen our hearts over the years – and some that have become internet famous
overnight. Let’s take a look at the who’s who of the canine world.

(Photo Credit: The Daily Mail)

Lassie – Is there any pup more famous than the intuitive, brave, and beautiful dog that was Lassie

(Photo Credit: MSNBC)

Bo – Many presidents have had famous pets, but photogenic and active Bo crosses all party lines.

(Photo Credit: Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman)

Charlie – Blog readers and basset hound lovers can all agree The Pioneer Woman’s pup is one of the more relaxing hounds on the internet.

(Photo Credit: Modern Dog Magazine)

Faith – This dog has a great life, with just her two hind legs. Her story was so uplifting that it has even become a book!

(Photo Credit: Minnie & Max)

Minnie & Max – These two adorable pugs belong together on this list because they took the internet by storm as the “world famous head-tilting pugs”. I mean, who doesn’t love a curious pug?

(Photo Credit:

Old Yeller – We never said that all these famous canines were part of happy stories. But every heart will always remember the story of Old Yeller.

(Photo Credit: MTV)

Toto – “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.” is one of the most famous lines in cinema history – said to one of the most notable dogs in filmmaking.

(Photo Credit: Instagram @tunameltsmyheart)

Tuna – While the name might not ring a bell, everyone who is on the internet has come across the “Phteven” meme. This pup has reached meme fame and will be part of pop-culture history for decades to come.

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