February is “Responsible Pet Ownership” month and that got us thinking, are we responsible pet owners? Yes, we love our furry friends and like most people, we would do anything for them. But does that make us responsible? Check out our list of what makes you a responsible pet owner.

  • Make him or her part of the family: Pets need companionship, especially dogs. They love the warmth and love you give them as being part of a family.
  • Pet proof your house: You might not realize this but everyday household products may cause harm to your pet. To keep your pet healthy and safe, you should look up what hazardous household products are lurking in your house and keep them locked up and away from your pet.
  • Train your pet: Dogs should know the basic “sit” and “stay” commands. These simple commands can save your pet in a life threatening situation.
  • Keep an ID tag on your pet: This comes in handy in case your pet gets lost or gets stolen. Maybe even consider getting them microchipped.
  • Care for your pet: Regular visits to the vet and groomer are extremely important.
  • Spay and neuter your pet: To help prevent pet overpopulation and studies show that if your pet is spayed or neutered then he or she will live a longer and healthier life.
  • Feed him or her properly: A pet’s health starts from the inside out, they should be eating a healthy dog food and on a set schedule.
  • Give them the exercise they need: All pets need exercise to stay fit and healthy. Daily exercise will help them release energy and prevent them from acting out.
  • LOVE your pet: Just like humans, pets need love! Show your love for them and they will appreciate you more than you will ever know.

So did you pass the test? Being a responsible pet owner is extremely important. Sadly not everyone who owns an animal is truly responsible. With February being “Responsible Pet Ownership” month, take the time and reflect on your duties as a pet owner.